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Tales of Althea: The Food Edit Entry 1

Welcome to the Tales of Althea: The Food Edit. Today we're taking a small excursion into the country of Althea, the fictitious country in my upcoming fantasy series, Tales of Althea.

It's important to share the rich culture behind the foods I choose to place in the world of Althea. Growing up half Filipino, I've had the privilege of eating various dishes close to my heart. Living in Canada, I've faced a lot of discrimination toward my mixed-race heritage. Even as an adult, I'm faced with attitudes of disgust and ignorance when I'm enjoying my cultural foods at work. I'm on my break, I don't need to be antagonized because little Jane Doe & John Smith have never seen Crispy Patas before, okay?

I recall a co-worker once someone asking me "Mary, if you could eat any food in the world right now, what would it be?" to which I replied, "Liempo". After having to explain what it was, the person had the audacity to tell me I was "brave for being able to stomach something like that".

Many Asians in North America have faced similar experiences when it comes to eating their food. While reading along the food tour of Althea, please try these dishes out. Support Asian content creators and chefs, and support them! It's important to understand the cultural significance of each meal I feature. Cooking without appreciation is simply appropriation.

Without further ado, the first dish in this series: is Congee! Many know the delectable dish though, in my own family's language, we refer to it as Lugaw. For writing purposes, I refer to the dish as congee, which is the proper English translation- its entomology stemming from Tamil word for the dish, kañci.

Congee is typically a rice porridge. The consistency, side dishes, and seasonings will vary from each culture. Though its essence stays the same; A warm comfort, it goes perfectly with everything, and it's a food that reminds you of home.

Here are some recipes to check out. There are endless amounts of recipes depending on which country's dish you're referencing. Here are some delicious Filipino Lugaw recipes:

Lugaw with Egg Recipe:

Arroz Caldo Recipe:

Lugaw Goto:


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