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Are you ready for adventure?

Prepare your fingers for some epic page turning! Discover all of Mary Poirier's current and upcoming novels here. 

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Tales of Althea: The Perfumery

What if I told you that perfume could change the world? How about if it could destroy it too? Come to the country of Althea.

A werewolf who commands a band of mercenaries, a merman with mutism, a hot-headed mage, and a groom all have one thing in common. They have all ordered someone from a cozy little perfumery in Nettlebrooke. Abeerah is a master perfumer. She’s skilled in crafting perfumes, but her business booms after being commissioned to make a mass order of scented candles, ordered by a powerful group of mercenaries called The Hunt.

Abeerah unknowingly becomes a harbinger of change. Her creations ultimately lead to love, death, and massacre. Watch as an ordinary human leaves her mark on a dangerously magical world.

There is an attractive blissfulness in naivety, will you watch her candles burn the world?

Tales of Althea: Oudh

Check back later for this title!

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